One, Four, Twenty-four

⚀ ⚃ ⚅ ⚅ ⚅ ⚅

How to play

The object of the game is qualify and roll high dice.
Your hand is built by keeping dice from your rolls.
In the end, you will have a 6-die hand.
You must have chosen a ⚀(1) and a ⚃(4) to qualify.
Begin by rolling 6 dice.
Then, roll all of the dice that remain.
You may keep as many as you would like,
however, you must keep at least one.
Re-rolling all of the remaining dice is cheating.
Continue this process until no dice remain.
Your score is the sum of the dice minus the qualifying dice.
Therefore, the highest possible score is 24.
Play against your friends to see who can get a higher score!